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Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an excellent way of adding value and curb appeal to your home. What’s even better is that when the installation is handled to perfection, the way we at Ogilvy Construction do, it goes a long way in saving you on energy bills as these widows provide proper insulation against extreme temperatures. There are a number of different windows to choose from. Some replacement windows require exterior maintenance while others do not.

When we handle replacement windows installation, you are assured that the features have been acquired from the best manufactures and that they will fit perfectly into your budget. We also ensure that the windows meet all the energy efficiency requirements and that they are made with the highest grade materials.

The Important Factors

When you are getting windows replaced, the factors that you have to take into consideration are:

Replacement Windows
  • Cost- This is definitely an important factor which is even more significant if you are getting all the windows in your house replaced. But there is no fixed rate for the windows and there is a variation in cost based on the size and type of window you need.

    The cost will also be dependent on the brand of window that you have chosen. When we provide you a quote for replacement, we also check if the opening where the window is going to fitted, is structurally intact, In case it isn’t, we will have to include that cost in the quote as well

  • Trends- When you are choosing replacement windows, it is important to choose ones that have lower E- coatings & heat reflection. Today, it is also possible to get windows that have argon gas in the panes and these add to the insulation factor. The fiberglass & vinyl window frames which have an easy tilt-function are also some of the latest options available

Design Interest

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are functional, but they also add a definite design interest to your home. They look attractive and add to the aesthetics of the structure. The one very important thing to keep in mind about these windows is that just having the best quality will not help. The installation has to be perfect in order that they work perfectly. The one way to be assured of this is to have a well-established company like Ogilvy Construction handle the job for you.

We have worked on hundreds of window replacement installation projects across the region and have also built a very strong reputation in the space. We handle the installation work in a very methodical manner. Our personnel will come over to your location and take very precise measurements. They will then acquire the best quality replacement windows as per the quote and ensure that the features are installed perfectly. For the best replacement windows installation, contact us on 714-743-3476 or via this form

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