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Low Voltage Lighting

Today, homes and commercial buildings are using low voltage lighting. So, what exactly is this lighting and how should it be wired? Take a look at what the concept is, how it works and what its benefits are:

Low Voltage Lighting
  • Low voltage lighting generally operates on 12/24V while a line voltage system generally operates on 120/277 volts. Track lights, recessed lights, pendant lights and suspended cable lighting are examples of low voltage lighting

  • In most instances, a transformer is required for low voltage lighting connections. If this is not attached to them they will be subjected to the standard high current and will burn out. In some cases, the transformer is part of the fittings, while in others an external one may be required

  • These kinds of fixtures can also be dimmed with the use of a dimmer, regardless of the type of transformer they are powered by

  • When we are wiring these low voltage lighting systems, we ensure that they are tight and secure and we also use much thicker wires while connecting the transformers

Low Voltage Lighting

The Benefits

When Ogilvy Construction handles your low voltage lighting work, it will be carried out to perfection. We have very skilled, experienced and licensed electricians on board our team who work on these systems and ensure that they are installed to perfection. Take a look at the benefits of these low voltage lights:

  • Energy Efficiency- These lights are very energy efficient, in comparison to incandescent lights. They can emit the same amount of light that the latter do but use only 20 % of the energy

  • Cost Saving- Low voltage lighting consumes less energy, which translates into lower costs

  • Minimum Heat Contribution- Very unlike halogen & incandescent bulbs, low voltage lighting throws cool light and there is also very minimal heat distribution. It is ideal for indoor applications where you might have plants that are very heat sensitive

  • Longer Life Span- We use LED bulbs in these fittings which provides even more benefits. They have a life span of almost 15 years and provide 80% energy efficiency. These lights can be used in outdoor applications too

Low Voltage Lighting
  • Safe- The lights are very safe to install in comparison to other lights and since they are connected to the transformer, you can install the bulbs without having to switch off the power supply if required. There is also no electrocution risk in case they are exposed to snow or rain

  • Versatile- The bulbs and fittings that are used in low voltage lighting are very small and this means they can be used in smaller spaces too

When we handle your low voltage lighting work for you, you are assured that the best grade materials are used and that the work will be carried out with the highest levels of efficiency and expertise. Contact Ogilvy Construction on 714-743-3476 or via this form

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