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Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodeling project is very different from remodeling the rest of your house. This is a very high-traffic area which also has a lot of water, steam and fumes in it. This simply means it starts looking older at a much faster pace than most other areas in the house.

But it is possible to fix this with some smart ideas and planning. We at Ogilvy Construction have handled hundreds of projects for customers across Anaheim, Placentia and Brea and the surrounding areas.

Different Important Aspects

Kitchen Remodeling

With the years of experience we have in this space, we know that there are some basic aspects that have to be taken into consideration while you are getting your kitchen remodeling work done:

  • Design- You will have to decide whether you want to reface the cabinets or prefer to change the complete setting. When we reface the cabinets, only the older doors will be replaced with newer designs

  • Flooring- Check if the flooring is in a good condition. If you feel that it is wearing out in certain spots decide what kind of flooring you want. A kitchen is a hardworking space and it should ideally have a hardworking floor. You can choose from hardwood, vinyl, natural stone or tile.

The one you choose will be based on your personal taste, the rest of the furniture and your budget. When it comes to flooring in a kitchen remodeling project, prioritize functionality over aesthetics but you do not have to give up completely on the latter

Kitchen Remodeling
  • Countertops- Today, there are a number of countertop options available. You can take your pick from materials such as granite, marble, tiling & laminates. Opt for something that is low maintenance and durable

  • Lighting- You can change the look of your kitchen with the addition of some lighting elements. You can have some recessed lighting at a certain point but it is important to have task lighting in the exact spots where you are going to be working in the kitchen.

  • Cost- This is a very important factor and when you are deciding how much many changes you want to make in the kitchen, it is also important to budget correctly. If you are planning on shifting the placement of the sink or the walls, it will become an expensive proposition, as it will mean that major electrical and plumbing work will have to be carried out- so plan in advance if these are the things you want to get done

The Best Solutions

Kitchen Remodeling

Once you have discussed what your requirements are, we will draw out all the plans accordingly and provide you with a very reasonable quote. Very importantly, we will give you options in terms of materials and you can see which ones suit your requirement the best.

Our experts will work very closely with you right through the planning stages and our expert installers will ensure that all the work is carried out to perfection. For the best kitchen remodeling solutions, contact Ogilvy Construction on 714-743-3476 or via this form

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