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Home Remodeling Orange, CA

O'Gilvy Construction is one of the leading home remodeling companies in California. We are able to achieve this status by providing clients with top-notch services and outstanding results. Our completed projects in Orange, Irvine, Fullerton, and other cities in the state are proofs of our quality workmanship and expertise in remodeling homes.

Home Remodeling Orange, CA

We can also make your home more appealing and a better place to live in by calling our hotline today. Our personnel will be more than happy to answer all your home remodeling concerns. You may also call (714) 743-3476 to schedule an initial consultation.

Partial or Complete Home Remodeling

At O'Gilvy Construction, we can handle all types of remodeling projects. You can hire us to work on simple home improvement tasks like kitchen remodels, new tile installation, and installation of custom-made cabinetry. We can likewise tackle a complete home remodel if there is a dire need to improve your home's functionality, safety, and aesthetics. Our complete home remodeling service is not only focused on interior improvements but also on improving the aesthetics of your home’s exteriors.

The different areas in your home that we can include in the home remodeling project are living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment rooms, patios, garage, and other outdoor features.

Home Remodeling Orange, CA

We Collaborate with Clients

One of the reasons why we are the top choice of most homeowners in Orange and nearby areas is our close collaboration with them. We always ensure that their ideas and needs are all factored in when we develop the home remodeling plans. This approach will also avoid problems such as miscommunication or requests for major changes later in the installation stage.

Quality Service and Materials

You probably decided to engage in a remodeling project because of old and damaged features in your home. They may pose safety risks to you and your family if not given immediate attention. They can also become eyesores and make your home unattractive. If these are your concerns, worry no more since we have the right solutions to these issues.

First, we always ensure that our crews perform their jobs properly and efficiently. We monitor their day-to-day tasks and spot-check their outputs to determine if they are installed according to project specifications. Our manager, Sean O'Gilvy, is a hands-on owner, so clients are assured of quality workmanship in all phases of the improvement project.

Home Remodeling Orange, CA

Second, we use only premium products and materials for all our home remodeling projects. We know that the quality of the material used plays a major role in the integrity and durability of the features and amenities that we install. That’s why we source them from leading suppliers and manufacturers in the country. We can also install our clients’ preferred brands and materials, like designer fixtures, LED lighting, weather-resistant appliances, bathtubs, and spas.

Trust the Experts in Home Remodeling

Our lengthy experience and commitment to providing clients with the best services possible are just some of our strengths as a home remodeling contractor. As experts in this field, you will surely get top-notch services at costs that you can afford. Let us start discussing your project by calling us at (714) 743-3476.

At O'Gilvy Construction, we make your dreams a reality.

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