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Decks & Patios

Decks & Patios

If you want to spruce out the look of the outdoor spaces on your property, there are a number of features you can choose from such as decks & patios. Installing either of these is a great way of adding functionality and beauty to the outdoor spaces on your property. Ogilvy Construction is one of the leading companies in this field and we can help with installing these in your existing landscape. So, exactly how are these 2 features different from each other?


Typically, decks are an extension of the house and they are a great way of expanding the living room space. It is a kind of elevated floor that can be covered either with hardwood, pavers or a synthetic material. The decks that we build, have a very strong supporting structure- just like your house does and they add a very outdoor feel to the living spaces in your home.


Decks & Patios

This feature is very different from a deck. It is a part of a yard and generally has a compacted base that is made with crushed stone and bedding of sand on top of it. This surface can be covered with natural stone slabs or pavers made of concrete, stone or brick. A patio does not have any structure like a supporting framework under it and is constructed directly on the ground. Patios are essentially part of the hardscaping on your property and are level on the ground.

Other Differences

It is these differences and a few others that change the atmosphere that these features individually create. In certain areas, deck installations require building permits as they are considered to be an extension of the home. A patio on the other hand, is more of a yard feature and no permit will be required for it. The construction of decks is much more complex than the construction of patios, but we have the knowledge, expertise and technology to carry out the job, just the way you want it to be.

The Cost Factor

Decks & Patios

It’s generally the structure, the materials used as well as the rails that increase the cost of deck building. When we handle the construction of Decks & Patios, we take all these factors into consideration and provide you with the best solutions. We have highly competent designers and installers on board our team and will be able to provide you customized solutions that match the look of your property and home and add to the aesthetics of the place.

When Experience Counts

With years of experience in the field, we have the expertise to create spaces that are functional and aesthetically appealing. We take a great deal of pride in our work and ensure that you, as a customer are presented with value on all fronts.

For your entire deck and patio installation requirements, contact Ogilvy Construction on 714-743-3476 or via this form. Once you have told us what your exact requirement is, we can provide you with customized solutions that will match your requirement to the tee.

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