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Custom Homes Irvine, CA

Custom Homes Irvine, CA

We are an experienced custom home builder serving the cities of Irvine, Fullerton, Orange, and surrounding areas. Our portfolio includes some of the best designed and professionally built custom homes in California, and we will continue to build such homes for our valued clients.

If you are looking for a contractor who can deliver outstanding results and has the ability to transform your ideas into your dream home, we are the right company to call. We have already proven this many times before, and we are confident that we can also provide you with the same results. Call us at (714) 743-3476, or you may also send your inquiries via our Contact Us form to get more information about how we design and build custom homes.

The Advantages of Custom-Built Homes

Custom Homes Irvine, CA

For some, buying a new home is a good investment decision. They will not only save time and energy but also avoid the possible problems that may occur during the construction phase. Moreover, they don't have to wait for weeks or months before they can use the property. However, there are also some would-be homeowners who are not in favor of buying a home from a property developer. One of its major disadvantages is the standardized designs of most prebuilt homes. They usually have standard features and amenities, similar designs, and limited living spaces.

With custom homes, you have the freedom to choose the type of home to build, the features and amenities to include, and the architectural design to adopt. You can personalize every detail and feature to reflect your lifestyle and personality. For example, you can request your home builder to install security features or use energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting. You can also choose the location of each amenity and the kinds of materials to use.

We Have the Capabilities and Resources

Custom Homes Irvine, CA

O'Gilvy Construction is not a typical home construction firm in Irvine, CA. We have the capabilities and complete resources for building new homes for our clients. Whether you need us to design and build a bungalow or a European-style home, we can work on it and complete the project on time.

We can promise clients with commendable results because of our highly skilled manpower. We employ only skilled and certified crews with extensive experience in building custom homes. From engineers and home designers to masons and skilled workers, we have them in our company. These people work as a team to ensure the structural integrity of the homes we build for clients.

We also have ready access to heavy equipment needed for site preparation and development. These resources also help us hasten the completion of every phase of home construction - from building the foundation to installing various amenities.

Hire an Experienced Custom Home Builder

Would-be homeowners should be very careful when choosing contractors to build their custom homes. They must only hire experienced custom home builders with impressive credentials. If you’re from Irvine or residing in a nearby city that we serve, your best option is O'Gilvy Construction. Rest assured that you'll get your dream home at reasonable cost. Call us today at (714) 743-3476.

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