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Brick & Stone Masonry

Masonry encompasses a number of different things, & brick and stone are two very commonly used materials. They are the ideal choice for any indoor and outdoor applications and can also be treated in a number of different ways in order that they match the design and concept of the existing elements.

Brick & Stone Masonry

We at Ogilvy Construction are able to create the most stunning effects with the use of very artistic and functional Brick & Stone Masonry. Let’s take a look at why both these materials are extremely popular in homes across Anaheim, Placentia and Brea:


Brick can be used to build walls of outdoor as well as indoor features. It can be used to build:

  • Patios, porches, decks and outdoor kitchens
  • Columns and boundary walls
  • Brick pavers can be used in driveways and pathways
  • Planters for flowers and other decorative plantings

Brick has a very elegant and earthy look and matches the look of landscaping as well as a number of interior design elements. Bricks can also be used around swimming pool spaces and will have to be sealed well and can last for a number of years. Brick masonry is a very specialized job and it takes experts to handle it well.

Brick & Stone Masonry


Natural stone is another material that is very elegant and sophisticated but requires special installation. There are a number of stones to choose from and you can opt from quartz, sandstone, mica, limestone, bluestone, travertine, slate etc. These can be used to create the perfect effects inside as well as in the surrounding areas of your home. It can be used for:

  • Walls- These may be functional or decorative and can be used in walkways, pathways as well as patios and outdoor kitchens

  • Borders- Stone borders create a very special effect in the landscaping and blend in beautifully with all types of design concepts

  • Water Features- Ponds, waterfalls and fountains can also be built with stone

  • Accents- A number of different stone varieties can also be used to create very stunning effects on fireplaces and fire pits. The material can also be used to clad walls inside the home, as well as in various outdoor features. If you already have some stone elements and want to compliment the look, you can use stone accents

Brick & Stone Masonry
  • Erosion Control- Stone and boulders can be used to build retaining walls. We engineer these walls to perfection and ensure that if you have graded land, your property and the areas like driveways etc will be well protected

As you can see, both, brick & stone masonry adds completeness to any interior or exterior designing project. And with Ogilvy Construction providing the best solutions in and around Fullerton, you know that the best materials will be used and that you will be provided with the best services too. You can call us on 714-743-3476 or reach us via this form.

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